Fair Complexion, Acne fee skin

Tip Of The Week:

Many people ask about having a fair complexion with acne free and scars free skin. Well, I my self have experimented and told many people about this home remedy which worked wonders for almost 80% people.I hope it will work for you guys too.

Ingredients: Sandal wood powder, Turmeric powder, Rose water or Milk.
Most of the times even we have it in our homes.If not available, All of these items are easily available in general stores.)


Take some sandal wood powder with turmeric powder and put few drops of milk or rose water (Just to make it a paste).Mix them all together well and apply it on your whole face and leave for 20-30 minutes then wash your face with water. And if you have rose water then spray on your face.

Instant Results: Instantly, you will feel your skin healthy, clean and fresh and can observe a certain glow on the face.

Long Term Results: Applying this regularly for a month will give you a fair complexion with too less or totally acne free skin with no scars.

It would make wonders for you. Do it on daily basis and you will observe the results instantly.


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