Acne Stress Control

"I am so stressed due to acne.I can not go out in public because of it what should I do?" This is what usually heard when teen age guys or girls have acne and take stress.From different studies of medical science, Stress and Acne is found to be very much related to each other. It is not yet 100% confirmed that Stress causes Acne but it certainly triggers the acne formation and make it severely. So, acne stress should be controlled as soon as possible.

So, How does it relate to acne ?

In medical science, it is widely believed that Stress causes inflammation in body and we already have discussed that inflammation is the primary condition of acne.Hence, it triggers acne taking place.

Now, lets come to the main purpose of controlling it.

How can I get rid of stress caused by acne?

This is a question which is usually asked by many teen agers. Here are few tips which would help you controlling it.

1) Humans breathing system is one of the most wonderful function of human body which keeps our body healthy in mostly all aspects. However, most of the humans never fully utilize this system for a better health but by practicing it we can see some tremendous results. Taking deep,slow and diaphragmatic breaths several times a day would not only let you control the stress caused by the acne but also make you feel healthy and fresh because breathing properly makes the whole human function work more efficiently.

2) Keep your self busy in physical activities more frequently like walking, running, swimming or in any kind of sports. Physical activities always help in proper body function mentally and physically.

3) In break hours after the work, learn how to relax yourself. Try different things, ask your self what pleases you most? what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable? Is it music that gives you a soothing feel?Or Is it a hot bath which makes u feel comfortable?It can be anything depending on the individual.

4) Cut out on junk food.Stay away from oily and unhealthy food.

5) Last but not the least, Be Positive.So what if you have acne? it will go by it self slowly and gradually. Getting worried about acne is not worth thing to do, keep a positive attitude. You could do better in other works rather than just thinking about it all the time. Everyone in this world got some specialty, you must have one too. Discover it, Work on it, Tell your self how good you are in that particular thing and your confidence will boost up and trust me when you are not worry about acne they will start to fade away slowly and gradually.

Some piece of advice. Yes, you should try to cure your acne but never ever let it be on your mind like crazy which would ruin you.Just stay positive, treat it and let the treatment work.Have a wonderful life.


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