Papules: Introduction and Symptoms.

Symptoms and Signs:

Papules are small pink bumps and are very firm.This condition of Acne is considered as minor but if not taken care properly it can become severe and become more inflammatory. Few of the basic symptoms of Papules are explained below:

  1. The basic difference which identify Papules is its distinctive property of being firm and indurated.
  2. They are small pink bumps.
  3. They may be found as a cluster formed by different groups of Papules at different parts of the body.
  4. The mostly appear as shiny skin color.
  5. Papules often appears to be so small at times that they are hardly noticed. However, usually their size is between 1 to 5 mm.
  6. Papules are considered as a phase between non-inflammatory lesions and inflammatory lesions.
  7. Papules can appear on any part of the face or on any part of the whole body. However, They are mostly found on cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, arms etc.

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