Pearly Papules Penile

In teen ages and even in adults , Papules Penile is causing too much of stress for men. According to a report, almost 15 to 20% of the population of man are having pimples on their penis. Although, it must be a relief for the guys because they are not harmful at all. The problem is most of the man are not aware of the fact that these papules penile are harmless and does not cause any deficiency by any means.
Most man are also shy enough to disclose the fact they are having papules penile at their penis. Hence, they start to interpret this issue in many wrong directions which results them mental stress. That is why it is always advised that no one should ever get shy of telling anything to your doctor because you even might not have the diseases that you are interpreting that you have.

Lets now discus this topic in detail:

What are Penile Papules ?

It is a skin condition of men's genital organ. These are small little bumps on the penis in the shape of a ring around the circle of the penis head. They are mostly as small as 1-4mm and they are often found in an identical sequence like a row. However, they are not at all harmful in any cases but sometimes for only few people it can cause some discomfort during sex or other activities (If this happens consult your doctor at soon as possible). They are mostly reported in the age between 20 to 40 but in some exceptional cases kids or teen age boys like 12 or 14 years also reported the same condition. These papules penile are also very common in uncircumcised penis. However, you can observe them appearing and disappearing on its own during your life. Basically, they do not harm you by any means. But, NEVER TRY TO POP THEM, otherwise you can cause some serious permanent damage to your penis. If it bothers you a lot, have a visit to your doctor.

Should They Be Removed?

The answers varies for individuals. Because this is a perfectly alright condition, but due to this few people have only a psychological discomfort or their partner during sex thinks that it could be a diseases that could be transferred sexually. Hence, if you feel OK with it then there is no need to get it removed but it really bothers you then have it removed by visiting a health professional.

Is There Any Treatment For Penile Papules?

Basically, you do not need to have any treatment for them though if you feel embarrassment about it or you are self conscious then yes there are various treatment available.But NEVER EVER TRY YOURSELF to remove it.
Dermatologists may use carbon dioxide (CO2) laser ablation for removing or at least reducing the bumps. It sounds painful doesn't it? the procedure is not that painful as they numb your penis first which eliminates the physical pain although there is always a mental phenomenon attached to us. However, the recovery is more painful than the main process. Remember, if you feel scared of laser treatment, it is an option but not the need.

Last piece of advice, never leave Pearly Papules Penile on its own. It is always advisable that when you see something like a papule over there try to consult your doctor who will diagnose if it is OK. Then you can decide what to do and what not to. Although, you do not need to take any kind of tension. Stay chilled , stay relaxed.


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