Glow on Face

Here i will discuss few of the most popular and useful tips, medication and home remedies for having a glow on face within 15 days to a month.

Basic Tips For All Of Us :
First of all you should know that the most important thing which helps in any kind of treatment of human body depends on the healthy diet. Yes, for having a beautiful skin too, your diet must be healthy. Now the question arrives to mind that it is too complicated to calculate carbohydrates , protein, iron, calcium etc intake. So how should one take care of the diet in this busy daily routine? My answer is simple and sweet. It is really a matter of common sense. I mean every one know what food is good for our health and what food is not good for our health? isn't it? You know very well eating fresh vegetables, pulses etc are healthier food rather than deep fried or any kind of junk food. Hence, the problem is in our commitment, we know it all but we try to hide from even our self that what is wrong and what is not. Because in now a days life, we are so used to eating that oily junk food which does not provide any benefits to us instead harms us.
In short, to have a healthy life we must take care of our diet.We should eat healthy food like vegetables, pulses etc. You do not have time to calculate the calories and stuff? do not bother. Just avoid eating bad food and that is all. Have plenty of water daily too.
These are the natural tips for having a healthy life style with a healthy glowing skin without even applying anything and mark my words, it really works.

A simple solution making wonders for a fair beautiful complexion:

Ingredients: Vitamin a cream and Aloe Vera Face lotion

Procedure: Take 1 pea's size vitamin a cream into your palm and take tripple the amount of Aloe Vera lotion mix them together on your palm then apply it on the face at night like you apply any moisturizer.

Treatment Period: Use it for 15 to 30 days. You will surely see some really good results.

Precautions: Never use Vitamin A Cream more than the size of a little pea because it is really a strong cream and can cause adverse effect if used more than required. That is why Aloe Vera Lotion is required to be mixed 3 times more than the vitamin a cream instead I would suggest Aloe Vera to use 4 to 5 times more than the vitamin a cream.

Home Remedy For Beautiful Healthy Skin:

Ingredients: 1 Tomato crushed, 2 tbsp Honey, A Pinch of camphor (kaafoor), 2tbsp rosewater.

Procedure: Its procedure is very simple and too much easy to do. Just mix these ingredients all together in a pot and apply well all over your face and neck. Leave it for around 15 to 30 minutes.

Treatment Period: This one remedy takes 20 to 30 days for a proper glow on face. However, you will see some instant but minor results in the first week.

Another Easy Home Remedy:

Ingredients: Neem Leaves Only.

Procedure: Crush few Neem Leaves in a pot and apply directly over the face.It will give you a soothing feel plus a glowing complexion instantly.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    What kind of "Aloe Vera Face Lotion" do you use? and Where can you buy it and price range" Thank You

  2. Curing Acne Says:

    First of all thank you for visiting and writing to me.Now for your question, any aloe Vera face moisturizer would do.Just go to any pharmacy or even at any super store or general store where beauty products are available.Ask for "Aloe Vera face moisturizer lotion" then he will show you those lotion of different companies now the choice depends on you of which company you want to buy.Ofcourse, the more popular company the more better quality.The price range may also very according to the quality of brand.However, the rough idea is about around 8$ to 20$.

    If you want further information about anything feel free to ask.Infact,if you want home remedy or medication about any other beauty concern you can tell me and I will update the page.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    For vitamin A lotion, what would you recommend? And where can I buy them and price? I tried to look it up, but I am not sure if I found the correct one, some of those lotions just said it contains Vitamin A...

  4. Curing Acne Says:

    well it is not vitamin A lotion.It is vitamin A cream.You can find it at any pharmacy easily.I myself used vitamine A cream of name "Retine A" here is a link for your help which shows detail about the cream I hope it will help you.
    However,do care about the amount you gonna use.Use it as described above because Vitamin A cream if used more than suggested can make your skin dry.
    Tell me if you got your answer.
    and yes did you like the new look of my blog?

  5. Anonymous Says:


    thanks for such a nice tips.. your really know much about health.. can your guide about men fairness


  6. Angelina Watson Says:

    @ Anonymous.You can use the tips i have provided in my website.They work for both men and women.
    Thanks :)

  7. Annie Says:

    Love these beauty tips!!

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