Clear Complexion

Clear complexion always leads to an attractive personality. However, everyone can have it by simple home remedies. Lemon, cucumber, honey, turmeric and sandal wood are most important ingredients which helps in having a clear complexion. Although, all it require is a little effort with consistency but it will surely pay you off in just within a month or so. Now, we will discuss the two things in two different parts for having a Clear Complexion.

Part 1

Home Remedies :

Here are few Home Remedies described below

Tip # 1

Ingredients : Gram Flour (Besan), Fresh Milk, Lemon Juice

Procedure: In a pot, Put 1 Tbsp Gram Flour (Besan), 1 Tsp raw milk and 4-5 drops of lemon. Mix them together until it becomes a well mixed paste. Now, apply it over your face

Tip # 2 Ingredients: Orange Peels & Curd

Procedure: First make the orange peels dry by leaving it for a day or two in sun light. When they get dry, crush them and put some curd into it. After that, mix both together and make it a paste then apply over your face. Leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it off with cold water. You will feel an instant glow on face while regular application will give a very Clear Complexion.

Tip # 3 Ingredients: Mint Leaves.

Procedure: Mint leaves are excellent for soothing effects. They are naturally very cool and soothing. Their application certainly makes the skin feel comfortable and cool while giving it a soothing Clear Complexion. Simply crush mint leaves and apply it over your face and leave for 15 minutes. This is also an excellent remedy after coming back after spending time under the sun.

Tip # 4

Ingredients: Lemon and Cucumber

Procedure: Lemon's acidic nature is very much famous for lighting up the skin tone. When Lemon juice is used with Cucumber juice, the combination really feed the skin well to give a beautiful clear complexion.

Tip # 5

Ingredients: Turmeric and Yogurt

Procedure: Turmeric is known to be an excellent natural product for skin disorders. It actually rejuvenates the skin. When applied with yogurt rejuvenates the skin and gives it a very youthful and fresh look.

Part 2

Life Style:

Another important thing to have a fair and beautiful clear complexion is having a good life style. It means you have to have a healthy life style in means of everything. It includes everything you do in your daily life from eating habits to sleeping habits.

Now lets first discuss about the diet. There is probably no particular food which will make you have a clear complexion but definitely having a healthy balanced diet helps in this cause. Proper nutrition is always a key for every issues related to our body no matter its about our skin bone mass or anything but a healthy diet is the main key for having a proper life. Now, to decide which is healthy food and which is not is a simple thing. Just use your common sense and avoid all the heavy oily food. No more junk food. Try to eat pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Beef is of course good as it is a great source of protein. However, chicken is always preferred over beef.

Try to drink 2 to 3 liters water daily minimum, more if possible. Never underestimate this point mark my words. Water helps the skin to hydrate and make it fresh and healthy that is why water is always the best thing to have because it washes out the toxins too and makes the blood more. Hence, when you have fresh and a good quantity of blood running in your body then not only you will have a clear complexion with fresh look but every thing will be just perfect.

Milk is another essential nutrition and is widely known for its extra ordinary features. The amount of vitamins and calcium you can get from milk is most likely that you can not have it from any other source. Hence, drinking milk daily twice a day or at least once a day is really very good for our proper nutrition. Therefore, few researchers believe that drinking milk daily also gives you a clear complexion.

Do not go out without applying any sunscreen. Sun is good for our health and skin but this is also the truth that there are some ultra violates rays which harms our skin and body and can even cause skin cancer so better take care of it. Sunscreen not only helps you to protect against those rays but also helps you to not to get tan because of the Sun rays and hence help you having a clear complexion.

Last but not the least, keep your body moving. Do any exercise you want to do or play any sports to keep your muscles moving. Because working out, no matter its lifting weights, jogging or playing any sports, make the way for oxygen to reach to our each and every cell our body smoothly. I believe everyone know how important is oxygen for us. Another reason for keep our body moving and doing any physical activity is that we sweat and when we sweat our toxins get eliminated that really helps the skin to get fresh and hence have a clear complexion.

In the end, sleep well. Our body really needs sometime to get rest so do not stop it to get that or you will be stopped to get what you want. Proper sleep is scientifically proven that how important it is for human mind and body. It really helps in releasing the stress too and stress is one of the major causes of skin disorders.

If we keep these little things in mind and include them in our daily life style trust me you will feel a definite change in yourself. Not just physically but also mentally. Because when your body and mind is healthy you feel great. Don’t trust me? Try your self. You will give me thousands of thanks trust me.

Eat well, Move well, sleeps well and have a healthy life style then you will surely have a very fair and Clear Complexion not only physically but also mentally.


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