Types of Pimples

We will discuss 4 types of pimples from minor to severe.

1) Papules

Papules are red, inflamed lesion. They do not contain Pus and there is no head. The major cause of papules is dirt, oil and bacteria. The good news is that papules heal quickly without scarring if cared properly.

2) Pustules

pustules are probably the severe stage of Papules. Pustules are red and inflamed, having white head and containing pus. Plus, their size varies from simple and small to a large one.

3) Whiteheads

Whiteheads take place when a pore is completely blocking oil, bacteria and dead cells which causes white surface on the skin which are called whiteheads. It can also be mostly cured easily without causing any scars.


Blackheads take place when a pore is partially blocking oil, bacteria and dead cells but to a certain extent the oil, bacteria and dead cells are drain off the skin. Although, black spot is caused by the reaction with the oxygen. It is mostly a stable structure that is why it can take a long time to go away.

All these types of pimples discussed here are further explained with a treatment section in the following pages

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